Associated Grain, Inc. is the outgrowth of an agricultural business which began in 1921 as Lewis and Middleton in Parksley, Virginia. The principal business was, until the mid 1940s, the buying and brokering of vegetables and produce and the sale of fertilizer, seed and chemicals. With the expansion of the poultry industry taking place on the Delmarva Peninsula, the partners of Lewis and Middleton formed Delmarva Feed Co. The new company would supply poultry feeds and other services to local producers of broiler chickens which, by the the mid-50s, had expanded to contract broiler production and the organization of Parksley Grain Co., a grain marketing and handling facility. In 1958, W.R. Lewis, Jr., who had been associated with the business for 9 years, purchased his father's and Mr. Middleton's interests at their retirement.

In June 1967, the business was merged with Holly Farms Poultry, Inc. of Wilkesboro, North Carolina, adding to their expansion on the lower Delmarva Peninsula.

In 1978 the Parksley facility was re-acquired by W.R. Lewis, Jr., and reorganized as Associated Farms, Inc.

In 1980, Richard Lewis began employment with his father at Associated Farms. At that time there was 1 location with a total bushel capacity of 84,000. Today, Associated Farms operates 2 grain elevators with a capacity of 1,200,000 bushels. 

 In January of 2015 Associated Farms, Inc. changed  its name to Associated Grain, Inc. as a better representation of our core bussiness.

In August of 2018 we are expanding with the construction of two grain bins totaling 250,000 bushels.

In April of 2019 we are expanding with the construction of a 215,000 bushel grain bin.

In September of 2018 Clara Lewis began employment in the front office.  Clara comes to us from the Richmond area.  She has a broad range of duties and does them well.

In October of 2019 Chelsea Annis began employment.  Chelsea is a graduate of Liberty University with studies in business and accounting.

Associated Grain Inc. employs 10 full time employees.

The principal business endeavor is grain origination, merchandising, and ongoing education for our customers and ourselves.

2020 will be 99 years of continuous operation of the business that began in 1921.